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Charlotte Simpson

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I moved to Yarmouth in 2021 with my husband, Terry and my daughter, Natalya. We adopted Star, our Springer Spaniel rescue, shortly afterwards. We have felt welcomed and embraced by a community of artists, musicians, and dog lovers. I retired from my work as a special education parent advocate and now I have time to paint.

I love the views of the sea, the rivers, and the ponds here on Cape Cod. I cherish the flora and fauna that greet me, especially the dogs, on my daily walks. Our recent visit to Scotland was also magical and inspiring. I try to capture on canvas the joy I find in the world.

I usually work from photographs, pups and other beasties being notoriously fond of not holding still, though I love to meet my subjects, whether poodles, labs, or Highland Coos, in person whenever possible. I welcome your commissions – large and small.

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