Current Indoor Art Display Opportunities- being updated; email contact for current changes and revisions.

Pam DeYoung, site coordinator


Lynn Richards
TBD - call Pam
Betsy Walker
Patty Monahan
Elaine Giberti
Please enjoy our member's artwork at these five local venues
Indoor Display Guidelines
Note to YAG Members:
15% commission goes to YAG + .0625% sales tax to be collected on each sale.
Olivers Restaurant & Plank's Tavern
960 Main Street
Yarmouthport, MA


January:      Donna Beach          

February:    Donna Beach   (A portion of the month)

March:         Lee Nemmers       

April:           Joan Shostak           

May:            Susan Keating           

June:          James Walker           

July:            Sharon Merton           

August:        Eileen Poremba        

September:  Gail Burke    

October:       Joanne O'Bryan        

November:   Rae Rylander       

December:    Leslie Altman       


Cape Cod 5 Cent Savings Bank

514 Station Avenue

South Yarmouth, MA 02664

January:      Open      

February:     Joanne O'Bryan        

March            Open      

April:             Gail Burke     

May:               James Walker      

June:              Open      

July:                Kat Sylvester      

August:           Lynn Richards     

September:    Lee Nemmers     

October:          Terry Goulart    

November:     Kat Sylvester     

December:      Amy Hughes    

South Yarmouth Library

312 Old Main Street

South Yarmouth, MA. 02664

January:     Open   

February:   James Walker         

March:         Sharon Merton           

April:            Open           

May:             Rae Rylander             

June:            Carol Livingston                

July:              Lynn Richards          

August:         Pam DeYoung       

September:   Leslie Altman         

October:        Joan Shostak        

November:    Joanne O'Bryan      

December:    Gail Burke    


Jan.   Note: Art Display area unavailable temporarily due to renovation.

            Check periodically with Contact as  listed above.


Dennis Public Library

5 Hall Street

Dennis Port, MA. 02639

GREAT NEWS: YAG Artists will resume displaying artwork in the Yarmouth Town Hall on June 25th!

A happy YAG member just sold her painting!

A nice beginning indeed!


Yarmouth Town Hall

1146 Route 28

South Yarmouth, MA. 02664

Diane Moudourus                  Jan. 7 - Feb. 4, 2020

Donna Beach                           Feb. 4 -  March 2, 2020
Amy Hughes                            March 2 -  April 7, 2020
James Walker                          April 7 - May 5, 2020
Helen Walker                           May 5 - June 2, 2020
Eileen (Cis) Poremba             June 2 - June 30, 2020

DATES may change; CONTACT Elaine for

up-to-date information.


Eileen Poremba                              July                             August 25

Leslie Altman                                  August 25th              September 22

Elizabeth Walker                           September 22nd      October 20

Elaine Giberti & J. McKenzie      October 20th            November 17

Rae Rylander                                   November 17th       December 15

Open                                                  December 15th         Jan. 12, 2021

Pamela DeYoung                            January 12th              February 9

Open                                                  February 9th             April 6

Jacquie Clay & Joan Mohr            April 6th                     May 4

Lynn Richards                                  May 4th                     June 1

Call Elaine Giberti - (508) 385-5181



Reminder: 15% commission to YAG + .0625% sales tax to be added to total price on each sale.

Rules may be different than those currently posted.  

Please check with a board member or site contact person for current show rules. 

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