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Founded in 1980 with 25 members, the Yarmouth Art Guild is now more than 125 members.


Through the years, our founding principles of providing our members and the community with opportunities in art expression, education and creation has never wavered.


We are composed of those who believe art is essential for the well-being and spirit of the community and its people.


The Yarmouth Art Guild's mission is to provide education and enrichment experiences for its members as well as to seek venues for the exhibition of their artwork.


The Guild provides such experiences through museum visits, artist demonstrations, indoor and outdoor art exhibits, fundraisers, awards, and workshops..


Through its interaction with other organizations and charities in the community, the Yarmouth Art Guild supports and encourages those who share in its vision.

Marianne Crowley,  Just Peachy



Due to the pandemic, events are subject to change.

  • To become a YAG member, do I need to be juried in? 

       No. You do not. Fill out the standard form  and mail with your yearly member dues of $40.


  • If I am a member and decide to join the “On-line” Sales Gallery what is the cost?

            You only pay one fee of $35 for your design set-up of up to 24 photos of art with a”bio” 

            and self-photo. Yearly maintenance is included. Changes are accepted monthly.


  • If I miss a General Meeting and scheduled Demo Artist, may I obtain a recording?

           Yes, all meetings are recorded. Contact:


  • May I join Indoor and Outdoor Sales Displays as soon as I become a paid member?

            Yes you may. There is no waiting period required.


  • If I decide to display my art for sale, is there a mentoring program and/or a guideline to follow?

      Yes, we have YAG members who qualify to mentor you in this regard - preparation of art for           sale, sales techniques, proper techniques for framing, wiring and general prep. A                                comprehensive published “Guidelines” is on our website with vital helpful information. 


  • May school students join YAG?

      Yes, we welcome them. We will provide mentoring and student classes.

  • What are the general events each year? 

       We have eight monthly General Meetings (Jan. - May & Sept. - Nov.) with a Demo                        Artist and a  Showcase YAG Member.


       We have Museum trips, holiday parties, indoor and outdoor painting classes and critiques. 


        There is an Annual Juried YAG Art Exhibit at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod in the                  Great  Room for a two or three week period. There are various awards given as well as a                  Celebration Reception on a Friday evening. 


      We have a "Thursday OUTDOOR SUMMER SALE”  from the first Thursday in           August until the first Thursday in September. The hours are 8:30 am set-up, opens at 10 am             and ends at 2pm. Location: Packet Landing Memorial Park, Pleasant St., South Yarmouth (near 

the Bass River Bridge).


     We usually have indoor exhibits/sales of YAG members artwork at local businesses. 

  • What are members most proud of?

     To fulfill our YAG Mission Statement . . .  We hope to spread art education throughout                       our communities.  As we experience people, nature and animals, we learn how to creatively             express that in the form of art. 

  • How can I become active in the YAG organization?

        In addition to the above mentioned activities and events, you can attend our monthly Board            Meetings (posted on website, currently via ZOOM). We gladly welcome you to enjoy our                     friendly creative gatherings. Your fresh new ideas are very much welcomed.


Have we overlooked any questions?   Just drop us a line; happy to respond.


                                                                        Happy Painting!

                                                                        Joan Johnson, President

Frequently Asked Questions


The Yarmouth Art Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Contributions are deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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