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Board Members, Officers, & Meetings 

Board Meetings for officers and directors are currently held exclusively via Zoom.

2023 Board Meeting Dates

January 20

February 17

March 17

April 21

May 19

August 25

September 22

October 27

November 17


“Don’t Be Koi, Mr. White” by member Kat Sylvester

Outgrown Shoes_edited.jpg

2023 Officers

President, Open for Applications
1st Vice President, Open for Applications
2nd Vice President, Joanne O'Bryan
Corresponding Secretary, Open for Applications
Recording Secretary,  Open for Applications
Treasurer, Patricia  Daley


“Outgrown Sneakers" by member Leslie Altman

2023 Directors

Constant Contact List/Link, Jay Pacunas
Historian, Gail Burke
Indoor Art Displays and Sales, Linda Condon

Instructional Art Programs,  Leslie Altman 
Member Showcase, Cis Poremba
Membership Director, Cis Poremba
Online Sales Administer, Joan Swaluk  
Publications Editor, Lin Coffey
Zoom Tech Director, Jan Darcy 

“Outgrown Sneakers" by member Jan Darcy

As a nonprofit organization, with an ever-increasing membership of over 100 members, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without our wonderful group of volunteers.

If you would like to assist in any way, please contact one of our board members!

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