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The Yarmouth Art Guild has been proud to offer an annual scholarship to a deserving Dennis-Yarmouth student who is pursuing a career in Art. Take a look at our outstanding recipients and our amazing donors below!

Scholarship Awards

YAG President Mary Jane Xenakis with 2015 Yarmouth Art Guild Award Recipients Lily Karras and Kaylee Hennessey

Eddie Calle Huerta, 2014 with YAG President Mary Jane Xenakis

Lee Totman 2011 with DY Fine Arts Dept.Chair Dan Springer

Jordan Deshaies 2010 with Joan Shostack & Maureen Killeen

Corey Pettingill 2008 with former YAG President Maureen Killeen


YAG President, Joan Johnson congratulating Dan Springer, Chair of the Fine Arts Department, during the Annual Awards Ceremony [2019] at the Dennis Yarmouth Regional SchoolMany worthy students received awards.

Student Vacation Art Classes 
We will resume in Spring 2022. 

Art Classes  in April 2019 were enjoyed by so many local students! There were so many students who wished to register that class sessions had to be increased. Elaine Giberti and Joanie McKenzie organized this venture  and we are most grateful for all their hard work! We are currently planning for another spring class week in April 2022. A grant, from the Educational Foundation of Dennis/Yarmouth (EFDY), has funded this program. Pictured above is their chairwoman, our YAG Emeritus, Joanie Shostak. The children were filled with joy as they completed their artful creations. We are most grateful to the Yarmouth Port Fire Department for the use of their firehouse.

2019 Student Class.jpg

Our happy creative students!

New classes in spring 2021!

Many thanks to Elaine Giberti and Joan McKenzie for years of service creating this wonderful opportunity. And thank you to our YAG members who teach! 


Lend A Happy Hand & You'll have a Happy Heart!

You will share learn and have some fun!


We have plenty of volunteer opportunities, from providing hospitality at our general meetings, to set-up and take-down at our exhibitions, outdoor painting and indoor shows, student classes, trips, and helping with organizational projects.


You will network with other artists, learn and make new friends with whom you will have  exciting plans for many art adventures! 


There's a way for everyone to help out as you learn and grow as an artist. Interested? Contact us:


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