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Pam DeYoung

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What is Theorem Painting? Theorem Painting is an early American art form started in the 1800’s in finishing schools for 12-13 year old young ladies. The young students were limited in their abilities but wanted to paint a picture. A technique was then created where a series of layered stencils were used to establish a perfect design. What was appealing is that it enabled a non-professional to create an acceptable art form.
Thinking I had a creative side I started taking art classes and spreading my wings I took a class from a woman who had her certification from the Historical Society of Early American Decoration (HSEAD) and after one class I was all in.
Growing up in MA and living in Yarmouthport now, I have always had a respect for our New England history. Theorem Painting put me back where I felt I belonged with my art. What excitement those young girls must have felt when they finished painting their theorems!

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