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Nadine Bressy

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As far as she can remember, Nad has always expressed her creativity through painting, writing poems as well as fairy tales.

After a while, she finally started to create her own poetic universe with drawings and paintings.

During 9 years she lived in the United States, precisely in Arizona where the magnificent colors and the bare landscapes of the deserts have been for her a great source of inspiration.

Back to France, she felt in love with Provence and particularly with the red mountains of Esterel which reminded her so much of Arizona.
She has been living in South of France since.

She has been taking part in many personal as well as collective international
exhibitions ( Monaco, U.S.A, Paris “Le Grand Palais”, Cannes, Italy).
Away from the beaten tracks, her paintings differ with their novelty, their depth
and with the joy which shows the optimism of this artist who strives to offer each of us a message of peace and harmony.

Since several years, Nad is in the dictionary of Drouot quotation (Paris).
Certificate of authenticity with each painting

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