Michael Helfen

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I love the dunes and marshes of each Cape Cod town and focus on Cape Cod landscapes, but haven’t found anything I don’t like to paint. Light is special on Cape Cod: The playful nature of water and light reflects object’s appearance from moment to moment .
Reflections of color and the prismatic way an object’s shape changes as light bounces off a boat, a dune, a shack, the sand, the blades of marsh grass, and, of course the water create a kaleidoscope. Cape Cod is in one of those unique “light baths” all day long from
sunrise to sunset.
My favorite European locations are Italy, especially the Amalfi Coast and Italian fishing villages of the north; France from top to bottom, and the Greek Islands, anywhere there are boats, shacks, sunlight, and lots of color.
I love the delicacy and innocence of watercolor, its transparence and lightness, even with solid objects or the petals of a flower. Each of my paintings starts with a watercolor sketch. I love oil’s texture, richness, vibrancy, depth of color, and intensity.
I also do commissions. Michael Helfen
Eye of the Beholder
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