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Marjory Kuhfahl

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Born in Sydney, Australia, Marjory was raised in an artistic environment. Her father Percy Leason was a
well-known artist and illustrator, who advanced the ideas of tonal painting. She began her studies with
father and her mother, Isabel. Marjory also studied commercial art, fine art, and fashion design at
Prahran Technical School of Art and Design in Melbourne. Her family later immigrated to the United
States, where she worked for Whitman Publishing Company in Manhattan, New York. She raised her
family on Staten Island, where she continued to paint and exhibit her artwork. After living for a while in
Texas, she retired to Cape Cod, Massachusetts where she resides today.
Marjory’s personal interpretation of tonal style involves a varied technique and superb control of the
brush. She is deeply passionate about painting floral subjects from her own garden that offer vibrant
color schemes and specific interposition of light and dark. She is also known for capturing the essence of
Cape Cod in her paintings of local landscapes.
Her award-winning work has been exhibited locally at the Cape Cod Art Association, the Cultural Center
of Cape Cod, the Yarmouth Art Guild, a myriad of outdoor arts shows, and many other venues.
She has received awards from the prestigious Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club and has also exhibited
her art at the National Academy, National Arts Club, and the Staten Island Institute of Arts and Science.
Additionally, her work can be find in private collections across the country.

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