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Joan Johnson

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“Creation . . . our eyes are the windows of our souls.”

Aside from love of family and friends, the joy of painting surpasses all other gifts in life. To observe nature, people and animals attempting to adequately capture the awesome splendor of creation is an exciting challenge! It is a humbling experience attempting to feel and transfer those images as we share that love with others . . . the true essence of life.

During the past several years as President of the Yarmouth Art Guild, I have been blessed by the talent, encouragement and expertise of many other artists. Life’s adventures as we learn, teach and share art truly enable us to face life’s obstacles with renewed hope!

You are invited to contact me to share information relative to my bio/life experience as a Travel Publisher, Certified Graphic Designer, Marketing Planner, Licensed Pastor in the UMChurch and Artist displaying both nationally and internationally. It would be a pleasure to share with you! Joan

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