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Harold Wyman

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Harold Wyman is a native of Haverhill MA and has lived in the New England states, Maryland, Florida, Tennessee, and as far away as Arizona. His job required moving multiple times to where his wife says she knew moving people by their first names. He traveled with his wife, Shirley, and daughter Pat, traveled to Canada, Mexico, toured the western states, Rio De Janeiro, P.E.I. and Alaska. Several cameras were always at hand. He photographed many scenes and successfully sold his framed prints for many years while living in Maine to clients in the US and around the world.
Harold and his wife took early retirement in the 1970s and now reside on Cape Cod to be with their only daughter and her husband in Yarmouth Port. They both now in their ninth decade, and are active members of Cape Cod Art Center and Monday Painters of Dennis. They have been painting now for two years in picturesque Folk Art fashion. The scenes here on Cape Cod are just beautiful and awe-inspiring with the changing ocean and he enjoys painting it along with other views he has enjoyed from his traveling.

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