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Gail Burke

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Gail was active in the arts as a youth; her early experiences and education instilled a firm
foundation, encouraged expression, and nurtured a lifelong passion to create. Professionally, Dr.
Gail M. Burke was an Educator, School Leader, and Literacy Advocate, heading the Massachusetts
Reading Association. Since restructuring, Gail has made The Arts her focus -studying art history,
criteria for appraisal, techniques, color, composition & design that she applies in best practices. A
docent at Cape Cod Museum of Art and on the Executive Board of Yarmouth Art Guild, Gail
exhibits her art widely, has won awards, and presents programs educating about Art.

Gail currently paints with acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media- creating abstracts, collages,
conceptual works, figural representations, land and seascapes, and still-life art. Gail enjoys painting
en plein air, studio painting, and practicing her arts most every day. Gail’s styles vary from realistic,
impressionistic, to the abstract & conceptual.
Gail is known as The Artist on The River because she spends much time on, in, and near Cape Cod
waters; observing nature, its flora & fauna; watching people, and considering structures by the sea.
Living so closely to moving waters, she attunes to changes, noting atmosphere, wind & weather.
Like a river, her art is organic, changeable, dynamic, and ever evolving, showing many phases of
experimentation and growth.
Contact the Artist if interested in one of Gail’s creations. Gail is often willing to customize: size
can be adjusted to fit clients’ needs; prints & cards may be available; and Commissions are often
entertained. If you like Gail’s styles, have a question or comment, or want to know if a subject you
admire may be available, complete the CONTACT form as Gail looks forward to a fun chat with you.

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